Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adopt a dog from another state?

Of course!  You can adopt a dog from another COUNTRY!  Adopting a dog from a distance is a challenge as it’s best to meet the dog in person and spend some time together before you sign the adoption contract.  It can be done though, and it happens every day so don’t let a little distance scare you.

How does it work?

Be honest in what you’re looking for.  If you’re a couch potato you probably shouldn’t get a sporting, working, or herding breed or mix.  If you do a lot of hiking, biking or running you probably shouldn’t get a brachycephalic dog (any flat faced dog prone to breathing issues in heat and humidity…think Pug, Bulldog, French Bulldog or mixes).  If you have a cat you need a cat friendly dog.  Fill out the criteria, hit Search and start watching videos.

Where do the dogs come from? is primarily for people to find shelter or rescue dogs that have been trained and/or rehabilitated to make them more adoptable, however anyone with a trained dog that they want to rehome or sell is welcome to use the site.

What happens if I don’t get along with my new dog or can’t keep it for some reason?

Each person submitting a dog should have an adoption contract that covers returning the dog if it doesn’t work out.  That is between the adoptee and the adopter. 

How does shipping a dog work?

Again, this is between the adoptee and the adopter.  There are airlines that ship dogs around the world but some have breed specific rules that either deny flying certain breeds or mixes, or requiring special crates for those breeds or mixes.  Some airlines won’t fly brachycephalic dogs during summer months.  If you are considering adopting a dog that has to be flown make sure you contact the airlines to find out what restrictions they may have.  Online searches generate a few options for dog shipping including USDA approved companies.  As always, do your research and pick what you feel is the best option for the dog.

Does training last forever? Do dogs forget training?

It needs to be a way of life for them to remain well behaved.  They don’t “forget” training but they’ll naturally push the boundaries occasionally and it’s up to you to recognize it and keep things consistent.  Even the best trained dogs will become obnoxious and disrespectful if allowed to make their own decisions all day, every day.   

Will I need to have training to control my dog?

Yes.  The trainer should go over all the commands your dog knows and show you how to use them.  Ask questions!  Lots of them!  If your new dog has an automatic sit when you come to a stop, the trainer should show you how to reinforce the command should your dog not do it.  Dogs aren’t machines and they WILL make mistakes.  Be prepared!

What happens if he's not as well trained as I thought? Is there some sort of guarantee?

This will be between you and the trainer/adoptee. is a website where adopters can find a trained dog and nothing more.

What does fully trained mean?

It depends on what you want your trained dog to do.  If a reliable off leash recall is what you want, then a fully trained dog for you would probably be one that has a reliable off leash recall.  Someone that wants a personal protection dog wouldn’t consider a dog to be fully trained unless it could effectively protect them.  Most people want a dog to sit, stay, not pull on a leash, not jump on guests, not bark, and be potty trained so to them that’s a fully trained dog. 

If I have additional training issues, do you help on an ongoing basis? isn’t a training website.  Additional training questions would be best answered by the person that trained the dog.

Do you also give me tips on how to work with my new dog? (do you train me?)

See above question and answer.