Be an Educated Buyer

Anyone adding dog to their home is urged to do the research on the energy level, coat care, health concerns and general temperament of their breed of choice before purchasing a dog. The following are the most common places to find a dog.  Not all AKC purebred breeders do health testing or breed to the standard, just as not all backyard breeders refuse to take a puppy back if it doesn’t work out.  This is what my research has found is true the MAJORITY of the time only.


  • Knows the history of the breed.
  • Will take a dog back at any age, under any circumstances, no questions asked.  Lifetime support to puppy buyer.
  • Knows the health issues in their breed and tests for it. 
  • Application, interview process, wait list for puppies, and is comfortable denying anyone a puppy.  Puppies are high priced.
  • Knows the personality of each puppy in the litter and is experienced at pairing that puppy to the proper home.
  • Sells non show quality puppies under a spay/neuter contract only.
  • Puppies are registered with AKC, UKC, or breed specific registries.
  • Responsible show breeders are hard to find compared to other avenues to buy puppies.


  • Dogs registered with AKC or other registries
  • Little or no health testing
  • Little or no knowledge of breed standard
  • Little or no support after puppy is picked up
  • First come, first served regarding purchasing puppies
  • Affordable puppies
  • Easy to find a puppy


  • Assortment of size, color, energy level, age, temperament of dogs at all times.
  • Unknown temperament or behavior outside of a shelter in most cases
  • Unknown health issues except basic needs from vet at shelter
  • Application process, little to no wait once approved for dog
  • Dog will be spayed/neutered when you take it home
  • Can return do if it doesn’t work out
  • Affordable adoption fees
  • Shelters and rescues are easy to find and always have a selection of dogs


  • Some registered dogs
  • Unknown background/behavior/health
  • Unneutered unless they get their puppies from a shelter or rescue
  • Unable to return if puppy doesn’t work out unless the store has a return policy or local/state laws apply
  • No wait
  • Expensive
Responsible Dog
Tucker, Cookie, Carly and Vio-7