About Us

How it all started

Diesel - photo of dog that started it all.My name is Michelle Steigmeyer, and I live on Maui.  I created Balanced Training Rescue Inc. and Adoptatraineddog.com for one purpose.  To save the lives of countless shelter or rescue dogs by getting them trained and adopted out.  

Diesel was the inspiration for the Balanced Training Rescue. He was found wandering, dragging a big chain, and was brought to the local shelter. No one claimed him so he was put on the adoption floor. I would spend time with him almost every day and was impressed with how he was with other dogs and his ability to learn simple commands. Sadly, shelter life became too much for him and he began acting out with fence aggression towards other dogs when he was kenneled.  Being a large male pitbull mix and the lack of pet friendly homes on Maui had come to a head...one day he was no longer in his kennel and I was told he'd been euthanised. It planted a seed in me that with some training and the right mainland home this dog could have been saved. So the Balanced Training Rescue, Inc. was formed.  I pull dogs from local shelters and rescues and match them with the right trainers so they become more adoptable.  

There isn't a central site for potential adopters to find trained dogs being showcased by video, so Adoptatraineddog.com was created.  Other adoption sites show you photos of the dogs and the potential adopter falls in love with a photo before they read the description of the dog.  At Adoptatraineddog.com you fill in the Search criteria and only the dogs that meet your specific wants and needs will appear.  You will fall in love with a dog in a photo that you already know has what you're looking for.  But the best part of Adoptatraineddog.com is that a video is REQUIRED for every dog submitted.  If the dog walks calmly on a leash with distractions you will see it.  If a dog loves children you will see it.  If loves to swim you will see it.  I am working hard to take the guesswork out of your next adoption or rescue dog.